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Cleaning Services for Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities often require specialized and frequent cleaning–see how JK Janitorial’s expert management and cleaning professionals can keep your business clean and running smoothly.

We understand that facilities like warehouses, distribution centers, and factories can operate around the clock. Our team works with you to develop a cleaning schedule that meets your facility’s unique needs, schedule, and budget.

What types of cleaning do industrial facilities need? 

Like any commercial building, industrial facilities need everything from routine, daily cleaning to quarterly deep cleaning services. JK Janitorial can provide it all. 

Our staff is trained to safely navigate active industrial work environments to provide commercial janitorial services, removing trash, replacing bathroom consumables, and sweeping and mopping floors. And we have the equipment and trained staff to provide industrial-grade window washing, floor maintenance, and more.

Who we are

JK Janitorial has been providing professional cleaning services to businesses since 1987. With our locations in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, our management team and cleaning professionals are always ready to provide prompt, effective service to all of our customers across the southern United States.

Every member of our staff has the experience and training to help clean and maintain your industrial facilities efficiently and professionally. We focus on supporting our customers’ businesses and success, and always strive to develop long-term relationships by prioritizing customer service. That’s why we have a 97% customer retention rate. 

Who do we serve?

At JK Janitorial, we tailor our janitorial and commercial cleaning services for any type of work environment. Whether you’re operating a high-traffic truck terminal or a regional distribution center, our team is ready to handle the routine and specialized tasks that you need. We can help you clean and maintain:

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Warehouses
  • Storage facilities (non-temperature-controlled)
  • Bulk and regional distribution centers
  • High-cube or high bay industrial buildings
  • Retail warehouse facilities
  • Distribution and fulfillment centers
  • Container terminals
  • Truck terminals

What services do we provide for industrial facilities?

The JK Janitorial management and cleaning staff work hard to deliver high-quality cleaning services for any industrial facility. We make sure that our team is trained to safely and effectively navigate, clean, and maintain your facility, delivering all the industrial cleaning services you need:

Window Washing Services

Commercial-grade window washing to keep your facility presentable and hygienic

Commercial Janitorial Services

Daily or weekly cleaning to empty trash, replace consumables, clean your floors, and more

Day Porter Services

Ad-hoc cleaning services that extend your cleaning services and fill in where and when needed

COVID-19 Disinfection Services

Revent the spread of COVID-19 with commercial disinfection and sanitization

Floor Maintenance Services

Helping you clean, seal, and maintain your floors, saving you money and preventing accidents

Construction Clean-up

Ongoing and post-construction clean-up services to keep working sites safe and productive

What do we offer for industrial facility cleaning?

When you work with JK Janitorial, you have the confidence and peace of mind that our experienced staff is keeping your industrial facility cleaned and maintained properly. Learn more about what we offer and recommend for industrial cleaning:

Industrial facilities like warehouses, factories, and manufacturing plants are often open for long hours if they close at all. But all that activity comes with a lot of accumulated dirt, grime, and trash. So we recommend that industrial facilities have daily janitorial services that keep their work environment safe, clean, and easier to maintain long-term.

At JK Janitorial, we incorporate green products and procedures into all our services by default. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning products are great for keeping your facilities healthy and safe. Our staff always make sure to use the right products and procedures for any cleaning task, so your business is getting the support you need.

We understand that always-open facilities can be difficult to keep clean. Our team works with customers to schedule routine cleaning at the most convenient time for everyone. We also plan more involved commercial cleaning tasks well ahead of time so you can adjust your operations schedule as needed.

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