Construction Cleanup


What do construction clean-up services involve?

Construction clean-up services can range, depending on what each site needs. Your business can hire a cleaning service to handle ongoing or post-construction cleaning tasks like:

  • Rough cleans between construction phases
    • Dumpster removal
    • Clearing debris and dust
    • Dusting floors and walls
    • Removing packaging materials from installed windows and furniture
    • Waxing, buffing, and scrubbing hard surface floors
    • Portable toilet maintenance
  • Post-construction clean-up
    • Vacuuming and mopping floors
    • Cleaning window sills, baseboards, trim, and door frames
    • Window washing
    • Cleaning up excess caulk
    • Dusting ceilings and walls
    • Wiping down tile surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens

Construction Clean-up Services from JK Janitorial

Keeping your construction site clean and organized is not only essential to running operations smoothly – it’s often essential for long-term property management and passing site inspections. JK Janitorial has the trained staff, specialized equipment, and experience to handle this work for your business.

Our commercial cleaning services can help make construction site clean-up happen on-schedule and within budget. Learn how JK Janitorial provides construction clean-up services that keep your job site safe and productive.

Pricing construction site clean-up

What do our construction clean-up services include?

Figuring how much to pay for construction site clean-up can be difficult because several factors impact the final cost. We work with each customer from the start to clearly communicate how we price our services.

Much like our janitorial and commercial cleaning services for other work environments, construction clean-up pricing can vary, depending on:

  • The square footage of your construction site.
  • How often you need cleaning services.
  • Whether your job site requires any specialized cleaning services or training.

Each project can vary significantly, and the cleaning services you receive can reflect that. We always tailor our service packages to match customers’ needs and budgets. Contact us to get more information on pricing.

Whether cleaning after construction is done or providing ongoing cleaning services, JK Janitorial helps worksites stay clean and organized. Our staff is trained to handle ongoing and post-construction clean-up for any site, working around your construction schedule and business needs.

Our management team and cleaning staff work with you to provide the support and service you need for construction site cleanup. We make sure that our professional cleaners have the training and experience to safely and efficiently navigate construction sites, so that we’re providing services where and when you need them.

JK Janitorial provides quality clean-up services to businesses operating all kinds of job sites. We offer rough cleaning services that allow your construction jobs to move forward, including tasks like debris removal, dusting, removing protective material and packaging, and floor cleaning, waxing and buffing. Our team also handles general post-construction clean-up, making sure your project is ready for clients to move in.

We provide ongoing and post-project cleaning for local construction businesses across Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. Our team is ready to work around your job site schedule and support your project management deadlines, providing every service with professionalism and attention to detail.

Learn more about our experience and training

We focus on hiring and training staff to provide competent services for any industry. Find out more about our approach to construction site cleaning from our latest blog posts.

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Keep your construction site safe and orderly with JK Janitorial

Our management and cleaning staff are ready to assess your business’s needs and develop a cleaning schedule that works for you. Our trained cleaning professionals can navigate your worksite safely, delivering services that keep your work environment safe for your team and prepared for inspections.

Contact us today to see how JK Janitorial can support your construction business’s productivity and organization before, during, and after your next project.

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