Commercial window washing services from JK Janitorial


JK Janitorial’s commercial window washing services

Commercial window washing is often a much more involved cleaning process than in residential homes. Commercial buildings — especially multi-story buildings — can have windows that are inconvenient to reach, that make up entire walls or displays, and are treated with special films to block out light.

A commercial window cleaning company like JK Janitorial will have:

  • The right cleaning solutions for various types of windows and window treatments.
  • Glass cleaners that help remove dust and water stains, while keeping your windows streak-free.
  • Equipment to help reach and thoroughly clean indoor windows that are difficult to access.

Commercial window washing services from JK Janitorial

Window washing can be a responsibility that’s easy to set aside, especially if your business doesn’t have its own in-house janitorial or commercial cleaning staff. Let JK Janitorial help make sure window washing is always part of your property management routine.

Keeping your windows clean is an important part of maintaining a presentable and hygienic work environment. Learn how JK Janitorial’s professional window cleaners can help your business.

Pricing commercial window washing services

What do commercial window washing services include?

We focus on delivering quality cleaning and customer service to every business we work with. That’s why we always strive to deliver service packages that fit your needs and your budget. We provide window washing on its own or in combination with janitorial or deep cleaning services, helping you keep your business clean efficiently and cost-effectively. 

The final cost will also depend on:

Contact us to learn more about how we price our window washing services.

Our team of professional cleaners provides interior window washing that makes your work environment welcoming for your employees, customers, and other visitors.

Dirty windows accumulate dust and allergens and make your business look dingy and unkept — we can help you avoid that and provide window washing services that fit your business’s needs. We have the right cleaning products, equipment, and trained staff to keep your windows in good condition.

We offer professional window washing by our expert staff as an add-on to routine cleaning services or as a one-time service as needed. Clean, sparkling windows make a huge difference to the look and the atmosphere of any property — the JK Janitorial team is just a phone call away.

With our locations in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, our management team and professional cleaners are ready to schedule and deliver consistent window washing services that allow your business and commercial facilities to always look their best.

Why JK Janitorial?

Hear from our customers why you should choose JK Janitorial for all your commercial janitorial and cleaning services, including commercial window washing.

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Our team is ready to meet your window washing needs

Are you ready to see how we can help your business stay presentable and welcoming? Make your work environment healthier, more productive, and more enjoyable with commercial cleaning and janitorial services from the JK Janitorial team.

We can provide window washing on whatever schedule your business needs. Contact us today and learn what kind of service package we recommend for you.

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