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JK Janitorial’s day porter services

Your business can benefit from hiring a day porter to support your regular janitorial services. Having a day porter on hand can reduce the amount of after-hours cleaning needed on a daily basis and keep your business presentable during the workday.

JK Janitorial day porters clean high-traffic areas inside office buildings and other commercial spaces, handling tasks like:

  • Removing trash from common areas.
  • Mopping floors after spills.
  • Wiping down high-touch surfaces (like escalator rails and elevator buttons).
  • Replacing consumables in bathrooms (like toilet paper, paper towels, and other toiletries).

Extend your team with day porter services from JK Janitorial

Retaining a full cleaning staff can be expensive, especially for businesses with cleaning needs that fluctuate day to day. JK Janitorial works with businesses like yours to assess your individual needs, fill any cleaning gaps, and help keep your facility presentable and easy to maintain.

Our day porter services help businesses cost-effectively handle regular maintenance tasks without always having to hire a full cleaning crew. Learn how day porter services from JK Janitorial can help keep your work environment clean and presentable — even during working hours

Pricing day porter services

JK Janitorial’s day porter services

Day porter services are meant to supplement regular cleaning, and the amount of cleaning support that businesses will need can fluctuate. We price our day porter services based on hourly pricing, taking into account:

  • How many day porters are needed.
  • How many days per week they work for you.
  • What type of cleaning services your business needs.

More specialized cleaning tasks and services provided for certain work environments (like medical facilities, industries facilities, or construction sites) may have a higher hourly cost. Our cleaning professionals have specific training to work safely and effectively in those spaces.

Contact us to get more information on pricing. 

While janitorial and day porter services handle overlapping cleaning duties, day porter services are meant to take care of more immediate messes. You can contract one or two day porters at a time to take care of cleaning that needs to happen during working hours, rather than waiting for janitorial crews at the end of the workday or week.

Whether you need support with various maintenance tasks that accumulate during the workday or need ad-hoc support for deep cleaning, our cleaners can help support your existing cleaning crew or services.  JK Janitorial day porter services can serve as an add on to one-time or regular cleaning services.

JK Janitorial’s management team and hundreds of fully trained cleaning professionals are dedicated to providing quality service. With locations in Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas, your business can easily use day porter services to fill in gaps in your cleaning schedule and capabilities as needed.

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Start working with day porters from JK Janitorial today

Ready to see how day porter services can improve your business’s maintenance and cleaning? Our management and cleaning staff are ready to support and extend your team’s productivity, with efficient, professional day porter services.

Contact JK Janitorial today–we’ll assess your business’s cleaning and janitorial needs and determine how our day porter services can help extend your cleaning staff on a schedule that works for you.

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