Floor Maintenance Services from JK Janitorial


JK Janitorial’s floor maintenance services

With locations in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, our management team and cleaning professionals are ready to develop a floor maintenance schedule that works for your business.

We can help you maintain your floors and protect your investment in your commercial spaces with routine upkeep on any type of flooring, including services like:

  • Carpet deep cleaning. We remove all dirt and grime and most stains, while removing allergens with commercial vacuuming, steam cleaning, and spot cleaning services.
  • Vinyl tile maintenance. VCT (vinyl composition tile) is a type of flooring often used in commercial and institutional buildings, and if it’s cared for properly, it will look good and last longer.
  • Natural stone upkeep. Stone surfaces can be easily damaged with the wrong cleaning agents. We apply the right cleaning solutions to help you bring out their beauty for many years. 
  • Hardwood floor maintenance. Hardwood floors are beautiful, and proper care will have them looking their best.
  • Porcelain and ceramic tile care. These types of floors are increasingly popular, and our cleaning staff can keep them spotless and apply floor finishes that make them easier to clean and maintain.

Floor Maintenance Services from JK Janitorial

Commercial floor maintenance is something your business needs to plan ahead – we know it’s a top priority to limit liability and extend the life of your floors. JK Janitorial can work with you to assess your traffic flow and develop a floor maintenance plan that suits your needs.

Poorly planned floor maintenance can be costly, especially when slippery flooring or loose carpeting causes a fall or when flooring materials break down faster than expected. JK Janitorial’s commercial cleaning and janitorial services support your business’s floor maintenance needs.

Pricing Floor Maintenance

What does floor maintenance involve?

Floor maintenance services can vary in price based on several factors, including: 

  • Square footage of your commercial space.
  • Whether you need specialized services and equipment like auto scrubbers
  • Whether your flooring needs specific products like floor finishers and cleaners used (e.g., stone tile and hardwood).

Our team is happy to discuss how we price and package our floor maintenance services with new customers. Contact us to get more information on pricing. 

Floor maintenance involves everything from cleaning up daily spills to deep cleaning that helps preserve your floor’s finish, appearance, and longevity. Taking proper care of your floor can make it less of a hazard for your staff and workplace visitors and can reduce your long-term repair costs and extend the life of your flooring material.

Our team of cleaning professionals handle everything from damp mopping to clean spills and dust mopping for routine cleaning to more specialized floor care services. And we always do green cleaning by default, applying non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and floor finish for hardwood and commercial tile cleaning.

When your business gets new flooring, you want to pick a material that delivers durability, easy maintenance, and functionality for your business – that’s what your floor maintenance routine should provide as well. JK Janitorial delivers floor finishing services for solid and engineered hardwood floors as well as porcelain, ceramic, and stone tile. We help you develop a regular schedule to seal and refinish your floors. Regularly sealed floors stay preserved and protected from daily traffic and spills and last longer before repair or replacement is needed.

With janitorial and commercial floor maintenance services from JK Janitorial, you can keep your business presentable and clean, while preventing unnecessary long-term damage to your floors.  We provide routine maintenance services for all types of flooring.  JK Janitorial can help provide repairs and restorative cleaning, helping your business keep its flooring in good condition, with spot removal or steam cleaning for carpets and polishing, waxing, and buffing for hard floor surfaces.

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Preserve your floors and your budget with JK Janitorial

Long-term floor maintenance is a key component of property management. Let JK Janitorial make prioritizing that responsibility simple and easy for your business.

We have the trained staff, equipment, and industry experience to make routine cleaning and maintenance integrated into your routine. Contact us today to learn how our commercial cleaning and floor maintenance services can help your business succeed.

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