Develop an action plan with event clean-up services

No matter how many parties, fundraisers, or festivals you’ve organized, something different can go wrong every time. While you can’t plan for everything, you can make sure that cleaning your venue isn’t what’s slowing you down. 

Learn how well-planned, professional event clean-up services can save you time and money while also ensuring attendees enjoy their experience.

When to use professional event clean-up services


Coordinating large-scale gatherings can be difficult and expensive, especially when they involve large venues, numerous vendors, and extensive programming. Often, there are multiple months of planning and significant investments involved, whether the special event is business-related, for the entertainment industry, or a celebration for personal milestones.

Your action plan made easy with event clean-up services

Creating an action plan and using checklists for before, during, and after the event can help you get the most out of your cleaning service and keep any programs and activities running smoothly.

Pre-event cleaning and last-minute venue checks

Before any attendees arrive, you want to make sure that your venue is clean, safe, and ready for all the programs and activities to begin. Your pre-event cleaning should ideally happen before any temporary fixtures–such as seating, tables, or booths–are in place. 

That will allow your team to do a quick final venue check, focusing on simple last-minute fixes, like ensuring surfaces are wiped down, miscellaneous trash has been removed, and everything is in its proper place. Then, the event can begin and make a great first impression on attendees.

Cleaning during the event to keep things running smoothly

As the scheduled activities go on, you want to have team members pick up trash left by guests and take care of any spot cleaning. Other cleaning activities include collecting forgotten items to place in a “lost & found” collection and moving any equipment (like speakers, temporary stages, podiums, etc.) after it’s no longer needed.

Cleaning during the event will:

  • Keep guests focused on enjoying themselves.
  • Reduce the risk of additional costs from damage to expensive equipment or venue cleaning fees.
  • Make post-event clean-up much more manageable.

Handle post-event cleaning with professional services

After the event is over, your team needs to clean any obvious messes and undo any changes made to the space used. Venues often stipulate that you leave the space exactly as you found it. Otherwise, you may have to forfeit your deposit.

How long it takes to clean the venue will depend on its size, whether food and drinks were served, and how many guests attended. For large-scale events, like concerts and festivals, you’ll likely need a full day or more to clean the grounds and for bin removal unless you have a sizable staff to help speed things along.

JK Janitorial provides cleaning services for all kinds of events

Let JK Janitorial help you stay on track with your event action plan from prepping your venue to cleaning afterwards. Our services are ready to support all kinds of events, including:

  • Large-scale events:
    • Concerts (small to stadium-size)
    • Formal galas and banquets
    • Festivals (art, film, food, music)
    • Conferences
  • Special occasions:
    • Family reunions
    • Weddings
    • Milestone parties (birthdays, anniversaries, retirements)
  • Community events:
    • Charity drives
    • Church 
    • Grand-openings 
    • School fairs and expos

Our team will do everything we can to help your special occasion, large-scale, or community event start and end seamlessly. And we do green cleaning by default, keeping your chosen venue safe and healthy for everyone.

Contact us today to get a quote for clean-up services for your next event.

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