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When looking for commercial cleaning services, business owners and managers will see plenty of references to green cleaning. But sometimes, it’s hard to know what kind of procedures or services this term refers to.

Generally, green cleaning refers to using environmentally-friendly products and processes. Let’s review what that means in more detail.

What makes a cleaning product “green”?

When a cleaning product is labeled “green,” that can refer to two aspects of the product:

  1. The product is made with “green” or eco-friendly manufacturing, resulting in a lower carbon footprint or less waste production.
  2. The ingredients in the product are less toxic for human health and the environment than traditional cleaning agents.

 Those items may be newly manufactured in factories using renewable energy sources or reformulated with organic ingredients, or both. 

Because of the dual meaning of “green cleaning” and the lack of regulation over terms like “green,” “natural,” or “non-toxic,” it can be confusing to compare the many green cleaning products now available. That’s why it’s crucial to develop a comprehensive green cleaning program or work with a commercial cleaning service that knows which products to use.

Avoiding the use of toxic chemicals in commercial cleaning

Traditional cleaning products often contain chemical compounds that are released into the air when in use. This can be hazardous for everyone, particularly for people with certain medical conditions, including asthma, other respiratory conditions, and pregnancy.

Many of these products are also skin and eye irritants which is another potential health hazard.

EPA guidance on toxic cleaning agents

Through the Safer Choice program, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certifies green cleaning products considered safer for human health and the environment.

The EPA also designates certain antimicrobial products–like hand sanitizers and disinfectants–with the Design for the Environment (DfE) label. Together, the Safer Choice and DfE labels make it easier for consumers and businesses to choose safe, reliable green cleaning products that meet the EPA standards.

Keeping your work environment safe for everyone

Everyone has different needs, and some can tolerate being around harsh chemicals better than others. Still, the short- and long-term impacts of exposure mean it’s best to make your work environment safe for everyone from the start.

 This improved air quality can make it easier for all your staff to work safely, especially those who may have chronic respiratory conditions.

The benefits of commercial green cleaning

There can be significant benefits to using green cleaning services in your commercial space. Many businesses have announced — publicly and internally — commitments to sustainability and workplace safety. Adopting commercial green cleaning practices can support and promote your business’s core values in a meaningful and cost-effective way.

As more cleaning brands move to eliminate fossil fuel-derived carbon from their cleaning products, the carbon footprint and pollution that their cleaning-related purchases produce can decrease significantly. But it’s essential that commercial green cleaning doesn’t rely on products alone to offer environmentally-friendly services.

What kinds of processes does commercial green cleaning involve?

In addition to using green cleaning agents, businesses can adopt cleaning processes or protocols that reduce waste and the risk of contamination, making your work environment safer with cost-effective solutions.

For example, your business can use these cleaning procedures to integrate green practices into your daily operations:

  • Select products with biodegradable plastics, such as trash bags and cleaning product bottles.
  • Use durable commercial packaging and containers made with eco-friendly materials that can be refilled, repurposed, or recycled.
  • Develop a consistent recycling policy that your staff and cleaning services follow to ensure you’re reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Train your staff on using green cleaning procedures and products or work with a knowledgeable commercial green cleaning service.

JK Janitorial does green cleaning by default

At JK Janitorial, green cleaning is built into every service we offer. From our perspective, commercial cleaning should always incorporate green products and processes whenever possible, and we make it easy for you to keep your work environment healthy and safe.

Contact us today to learn how we deliver commercial green cleaning services that work for all kinds of businesses.

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