5 questions to help you price construction site clean up

Finding reliable construction site clean up can be frustrating, but it’s an essential part of sustaining a profitable, safe construction business. No matter where you are in your build, at some point you’ll need 

We’ve outlined five questions you should keep in mind when comparing pricing between construction site clean up packages. Learn how construction site cleaners price basic and specialized services.

How do construction site cleaners calculate pricing?

Construction sites vary between locations, industries, and projects. While one project may involve commercial construction using large equipment and countless construction workers, others may only have a small crew on a residential property.

The kind of equipment used, how fast clean up needs to be done, and the type of construction project (e.g., commercial or residential) affect pricing for construction cleaning services

You can estimate pricing based on the size of your construction site. 

What kind of construction site clean up do you need?

Because of the upfront costs to provide these services, basic post-construction clean up for smaller areas — like residential construction clean up — can cost more per area than large commercial cleaning jobs. 

But any specialized services or rush requests can drive the price up. Each site involves different equipment and materials, and commercial sites often need clean up services completed on tighter timelines.

When comparing pricing between cleaning services, consider how quickly and how often you need cleaning:

  • One-time: This tends to involve more expensive, specialized services that aren’t required often.
  • Short notice: Quick turnaround cleaning services are often a necessary but costly part of commercial construction.

Scheduled: Routine cleanings can be a more cost-effective way to maintain safety on worksites, but they need to be planned.

Does your site require any specialized cleaning services?

Construction site clean up generally involves two phases: a rough clean and a final clean. Each of these phases serves a different purpose. During a construction project, contractors may need a rough clean in order to continue work, while a final clean is usually done at the end of a construction job, making the space move-in ready. 

 This phase of construction cleaning involves removing debris from the floor, sweeping and mopping hard surfaces, removing dirt and drywall, and removing any materials (like tape, protective sheets, and packaging) from anything installed.

Rough cleans can also include specialized tasks like scrubbing, buffing, or waxing floors after installation, for materials such as hardwood, concrete, porcelain tile, or natural stone.

Who is responsible for construction clean up at your site?

Construction sites often have a mix of workers on site, including contractors from different businesses. Subcontractors that leave waste materials are often considered responsible for cleaning them up.

But ultimately, the legal liability lies with whoever runs the construction site. Whether it’s a publicly or privately funded project, if a site visitor or a worker is injured on your site, that can result in a costly lawsuit against your business.

Complicated projects often need to supplement daily cleaning. Typically, a construction company works with additional cleaning services to help their project run safely and efficiently. Consider construction clean up services for projects like:

  • New commercial buildings.
  • Extensive home renovations.
  • Restoration projects.
  • Remediation services after a natural disaster or fire.

Why does construction site clean up matter for your business?

There’s a lot that goes into pricing construction site clean up. If your site involves a large area or industry-specific equipment, the services will cost more

Not only will you have the expense of paying for legal services, but you may also have your site temporarily shut down. When pricing and comparing services, make sure that you’re choosing a service provider ready to handle all your construction clean up needs.

JK Janitorial can do all this and more

You need to keep your construction site in a condition that prioritizes worker safety and protects your business from liability. JK Janitorial offers cleaning service packages and pricing that meet those needs.

By default, we do green cleaning, keeping your site visitors, workers, and environment healthier and safer. Contact us today to learn what kind of clean up services we can provide for your construction site.

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