Green cleaning is cleaning to protect health without harming the environment. Why does green matter? Every year, commercial buildings in the United States consume over 5 billion pounds of chemical products, 4.5 billion pounds of paper products, and 36 billion pounds of plastic liners, just to name a few.


The benefits of a green building:


JK Janitorial Services is committed to its environmental responsibility of finding greener cleaning solutions while safeguarding human health and minimizing the impact on the environment. JK has partnered with its suppliers and professional affiliates to develop a green cleaning program that utilizes the best-in-class chemicals, paper products, equipment and cleaning techniques.

Our Green Cleaning Solutions:

Green Cleaning Basics:

  1. Ensure entryways are properly cleaned and maintained in order to minimize the amount of dirt and pollutants that enter the building.
  2. Ensure door knobs, push plates, and bathroom fixtures are cleaned and disinfected to reduce the spread of germs and viruses.
  3. Ensure that equipment is properly maintained for a cleaner and more efficient operation.
  4. Ensure proper floor care to eliminate moisture problems such as mold growth.
  5. Ensure employees are properly trained in order to promote safety and prevent cross-contamination.